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Octopus Hairpiece by deeed

This hair is amazing. I have no words. Except those ones. And this.

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If you are a geek that likes to bake, you should look into the Geeky Sprinkles Kickstarter. It’s very close to reaching it’s funding goal but only has five days to go.

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Playing with my new sticker paper.

Jonah seems to like this “Earthbound” game I keep hearing about.



Support Tiny Cartridge on Patreon!

We’ve opened up a Patreon page and started a Club Tiny program, allowing our wonderful readers to support us with monthly pledges. There are a lot of fun rewards we want to give supporters, like behind-the-scenes talk, Mystery Gifts and Notes, podcast guest hosting opportunities, and more. If any of that interests you — or, more importantly, if you’d like to help us keep Tiny Cartridge growing — please check it out.

Patreon, if you’re not familiar with it, lets you pledge a regular payment to a creator, per each unit (video, article, etc., in our case per month). It allows us to try crowdfunding for the operation of our site, rather than a specific project with an endpoint, for which we might use Kickstarter.

With the backing of our patrons, we want to be able to put more original articles up (like my interview with the creator of the WarioWare DIY snapshot blog), collaborate more with friends, and pay Fran for the work he puts into the TinyCast every week. As a long shot, we’d also like to buy 3DS/Vita video capture equipment and record and stream some games.

We want to be able to put more time into making Tiny better, and less time into the freelance gigs we currently look for to make ends meet. We want, after five years, to make this a job.

And we’d love your help. Come join Club Tiny!

You should seriously consider helping support Tiny Cartridge if you are a fan of portable gaming. They are one of the few gaming related sites I still follow.

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Happy New Year from Double Fine! Sorry I haven’t posted for a while, but that’s because we’ve been super busy. We are proud to present the first act of Tim’s long-awaited adventure game, Broken Age! Backers can play it right now. Crazy, I know!

Travel with Shay (Elijah Wood) and Vella (Masasa Moyo) through fantastically gorgeous, hand-painted environments and meet charming and unforgettable characters, voiced by an all-star cast including Jack Black, Wil Wheaton, Jennifer Hale and Pendleton Ward. It’s Tim’s first adventure game in 16 years, and I promise you won’t be disappointed. Watch Vella’s trailer here and Shay’s here!

If you didn’t back the game, don’t worry, Act 1 will be released to the public for PC, Mac and Linux on January 28th. You can pre-order Broken Age on Steam now, and all owners of Act 1 will get the rest of the game as a free update when it releases later this year!

And lastly, a special chance for Tumblr: If we can hit 1000 reblogs, I will post some Tumblr-exclusive Broken Age concept art on Thursday. :) So, spread the word!

I’m excited to finally play Broken Age.


I‘ve posted a couple of times about the short story I published to the Amazon Marketplace. I’ve had some really positive feedback from a few of my readers and that is super encouraging.

If you are the kind of person that doesn’t like to buy anything, no matter how cheap, without previewing it first, well that’s what this post is about. You can buy the story here if you like what you read below.

Without further ado, here is a preview of Beatrice Abandons Ship: 

It had been at least a week since Beatrice had gotten any proper sleep. She would lie in her bunk, comfortable but cramped. Her pillow filled with a special molding gel that was designed to match the exact shape and amount of pressure your head put against it, though hers was old and the gel inside had started to coagulate and had become lumpy. But that was not the problem. The problem was the scratching.

Late at night, though that really doesn’t mean much when you are traveling through space, a strange scratching would start up on the ship. It was subtle at first, but given enough time even the most subtle of sounds can start to grate on the nerves. It was in Beatrice’s nature to try to let things work themselves out without her intervention. It had served her well in her twenty-five years of existence. Everything from needing to clean her room but not wanting to when she was a child to needing to turn in term papers at the academy but procrastinating until the last minute. Then, when a problem inevitably wouldn’t go away until she did get involved, she would throw herself at it wildly with all the enthusiasm she could muster.

And now it had been a week. At least it felt like a week. She always had a hard time keeping track on longer missions, and found herself constantly re-checking the date on her organizer to make sure her deliveries were on time. But this had gone for far too long. The noise needed to end. Tonight.

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Jonah published a short story to the Amazon marketplace. Check out his preview here, then buy the story!

We swam and I got too much sun. It’s officially a vacation. Elliott is tuckered out.

Animal Crossing New Leaf makes fun of Dad jokes.


Happy Monday everybody!

My first short story, Beatrice Abandons Ship, is now available in the Amazon marketplace. You don’t need a Kindle to read it. Any smart phone can get the Kindle app these days. You can also download a Kindle reader for your PC or Mac.

The story is about a woman who’s…


Tom Nook 3DS skin

I don’t know why you’d want to have the crooked moneylender on your 3DS, but 0-catch made this custom piece and printed it out at GelaSkins. It probably won’t be long before we see Resetti skins too…

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The saddest 3DS case.